Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Resurrection

This was just another weekend. . .or was it ??

Weekends are time to sit back and relax. Doing nothing, or anything. Basically any stuff that you want to do. A break from the busy and monotonous schedule of  the daily grind. How life has changed. *Sigh

Speaking of life, three years ain't such a small time span. My last blog post was almost three years ago( 2 years, 9 months, and 3 days to be more specific ). Now that's something.

-Was it writer's block ?
-Writer who ??

It was just like any another day. Randomly going through the News Feed and continuing with the interactions, when all of a sudden it struck me. I don't remember the name of my blog anymore ( The very blog that i used to so passionately care about ). How hard can it actually be ? Did i get so much busy with my life that i don't even remember the name of my blog ? ( *Self Note - What the hell happened to you man ! )

This prompted me to do a self introspection. When you keep a personal blog, introspection becomes much easier. A glance through the blog, the old blog posts, the comments. It was like a peep into the past. This was all started back in 2009 with a simple post. Initially it was a platform to vent my feelings. The anger and frustrations of a teenage boy. Later on, it began changing into something else. My take on society at large ? May be ?

Things have changed in the past three years. I had gone through some deep shit, and some unbelievably good times. But i'm happy to report that the good times far outweigh the bad ones.

Life has turned into mad rush of project deadlines, status updates, daily meetings, appraisals and what not. I wish i could go back in time and be that "frustrated -just out of school- teenage boy" yet again. As it turns out, no one has invented a time machine till now.Till that happens, guess i'll have to wait.

*Those guys at CERN should be making a time machine, rather than going after the God particle.  Right ?          

Back during my early teens, me and my gang of goofs were really into this band Linkin Park. Mike Shinoda was our guiding philosopher. Okay i was kidding, there was neither a guiding philosopher nor a philosophy that we used to ascribe to.  We were just a bunch of normal teenagers, doing normal stuff. 

You must be thinking why i dragged Mr.Shinoda into this right ? Well there is this lyrics that he wrote, which has got some deep philosophical connotation.

"Time is a valuable thing
 Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
 Watch it count down to the end of the day
 The clock ticks life away"

That effectively summarizes my past three years. It just flew by. Just like that.
Best three years of my life ? Yes. Hands down.

So coming back to my question, was this just another weekend ?
Of course not ! If you are an Indian and you replied to that question in affirmative, then shame on you. It was in this very week that  the heads of state of SAARC countries were invited for Narendra Modi's swearing in ceremony. Never before has such an invitation been sent out for a PM's swearing in ceremony. Wasn't it a diplomatic master stroke ?

I don't expect my gentle readers to really care about it, unless of course it somehow manages to remove the potholes on our roads before the onset of monsoon.

Jokes apart, personally, this is not just another weekend for me. I'll come to that.
But before that, let me do a quick survey.

Have you heard of a brand called Kohinoor ??
If not, then let me enlighten you. It's a brand of condoms available in India.
*Don't know about it's international availability.
And no. This is not an endorsement of Kohinoor condoms.

What caught my attention was it's tag line. It goes something like this,
"Create a spark,
Ignite the Passion"
Real neat right ? I love that tag line. But guess it's copyright protected. Hence i'm gonna do a little bit of tweaking and pass it on as mine.

Coming back to the pertinent question, why is it not just another weekend for me ?
Because, i'm writing a new blog post after a gap of almost three years and i hope it would create that spark in me, which would reignite the passion for writing again.

Hope to see you soon.

Peace Out.


Narendran Mappat said...

welcome back,
remember when we started blogging together like 5 yrs ago??? :D
What happened?

Sreehari Nandakumar said...

Hell yeah :D
Then you escaped to Norway and i'm stuck here !
5 years is a long time indeed.

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