Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And The Life Goes On

So its been a while since I've blogged something . Its not because I was busy watching movies ( which is obviously one among the many contributing factors ) . The reason can be attributed to the fact that I was busy reading Blogs . Surprised aren't you ?? Well don't get surprised that much ...just go through my reading list and if interested read any one of them. I bet that you will also become its followers..

As far as my personal life goes...My admission procedure is more or less complete..No change from that of the first allotment , at SCT itself !! And yeah Mechanical Automobile is the branch.
I'm exited. Automobiles , especially Cars , have been my passion from childhood..I never had imagined that I would be studying that for my engineering.
The Lamborghini Reventón (Spanish pronunciation: [ɾeβenˈton]) a mid-engined sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. ... is one of my favourite cars .

Oh...Look at its design man...Fabulus...Its actually a limited edition car        ( only 20 of them )
It costs well over $ 1 million.

Ooh sorry readers ...I just got carried away with my passion !!
Its not so much as a passion ...Fascination would be the right word. And now that I've got actually all my 'future' dealing with these Fabulous AUTOMOBILES .. I'm just damn exited .

Coming back to my personal side...this week has been not so particularly good for me..with some occasional clashes with my parents. That's a part of my life of course..

So on account of all these things Blogging became less imperative for me . After all its just a hobby isn't it ?

And you all might have noticed a change in the over all design of my Blog . Not much worth mentioning , also if you closely observe my Followers list you will see a new member there.

Any way... a " BIG " ( yeah I mean that : ) thank u to you Harini , for being my follower .
I never did really expect that someone ( other than my close friend Sooraj ) would actually be my follower . I'm really motivated by this gesture of yours .

Nothing much worth mentioning .

Self .


jadedj said...

Well, thanks for visiting and joining my blog. One good turn deserves another.

Speaking of cars, try a good photographer friend of mine's blog...he too is a car enthusiast...mostly formula one. He's a bit crazy, but fun. The site, A Theatre of the Absurd, http://atheateroftheabsurd.blogspot.com

I look forward to visiting again.

lakshmy sagar said...

sorry bro..i was too sleepy yest to come onloine.. well ur blog is interestin u knw.. continue the good work.. go out n hav fun... very few days left for u to enter hell.. so befor dat make the best use of ur time..

Narendran said...

hey man ur blog is interesting'But when it comes to cars im dont know squat

hey but its cool

keep checkin mine 22

Monkey Man said...

Following your dream is awesome. Being able to translate your passion into a career is something not many have the cajones to do. Kudos to you, Sreehari.

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