Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Musings ( From the college lab ) - 02

So its my blog after a gap of  four months.

I really am not sure how to go on with this.  Now that I've started i can't go without finishing it..

Four months..  Its been great for me all through these months... A lot many things have changed....personally . And yes my outlook towards life in general has also changed ...

And its bound to happen....

I've been experiencing this overwhelming sense of freedom ever since I got into my college life. The amount of freedom ...was in a scale that i probably wasn't ready for !!

Freedom invariably comes loaded with responsibility. A responsibility that has to be defined by one's on conscience.  In these past months another particular change that is worth mentioning is about the attitude of society in general to me . Well yes, I'm not that kinda public figure who's always under the scrutiny  of  public eyes ... The society I mentioned above includes the people who know me..who deal with me on a day to day basis .... like my relatives... my parents...my school teachers  childhood buddies etc .

( This is getting serious i guess !!  )

And yeah ....   social media networks have made a definite change .   I still remember  how i longed to have an internet connection during my school days just to be in orkut .  And how i used to save money given for me   and go to internet cafes just for being in orkut....  Times have changed ....  Orkut , Facebook all have come and gone.....but yes its still der!!  but I don't have the sort of craze towards those as i had during my school days ( I became a facebook member only after my 12Th board though )...

But something new has come...  which took me by complete surprise...
yeah you guessed it right ...   "  Twitter "

We hear about that a lot these days.  At first , I thought that it was one among those craps that I go along in net !!
But my perception had a dramatic twist later on !!
( And I'm really proud to say that i was probably 200 or 300 TH follower of Shashi Tharoor who later went on to become the Indian with largest number of followers !! )

Its probably the tweeting experience that kept me away from blogging for so long !!

Its Fun & Easy to use  ...

Twitter is one of those radical changes that the social networking has ever  undergone  . Its like what Google did to internet..   Even at this time there are people who consider Google a synonym for internet !!

Anyone who has a mind and has the willingness to express his feelings will automatically find twitter a great medium of exposure to world at large ... one of the most exiting application of twitter is trendsmap which gives us the live feed about what people are talking around the world at that moment !!  actually its that what got me going for twitter.....  http://trendsmap.com/

If anyone's interested to know more you could well start off with clicking the follow me link at the bottom of my twitter update box.

I would really like to see comments on the impact of social networking sites on your lives .


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