Monday, June 1, 2015

Life is nothing but a series of choices.
There are these individuals who cross your path in this journey of choices. These individuals influence you so much, that they change you. Forever.
Not all choices are easy.  You would inevitably have to make some choices that would lead you to another path, leaving behind these individuals at the crossroads. All you can hope, is to meet someone like them again, in this journey called life.
This is dedicated to one such special-random-someone.

An ode to you

This unending cycle of despondency, 
But to what avail ?? 
This repeated playback of our shared memories, 
Our late night conversations, 
Our cute little secrets, 
Haunt me day in and out, 
Refusing me sleep. 

I was your best friend, 
You said. 
And you were mine too. 
But life gets cruel at times, 
And things did fall through. 

You've left me in limbo. 
A place in no man's land, 
With all but nothing, 
But some sweet memories. 

Memory is all that is left. 
Memory it will remain, 
Something I will hold on to, 
In times of dire need. 

We might meet again,   
'Cos the world can't be that big. 
Promise me this, 
My friend, 
To give that charming smile, 
At least. 


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