Friday, September 25, 2009

Musings ( From the college lab ) - 01


A Blog at last...

The fact is that, I stared blogging during my vacation just for the sake of spending my free time .. and after my classes got started I couldn't keep up my blog updated...and the result is that I haven't blogged for more than a month now !!

I know .. there are no excuses for that..but what to do.. I changed the scheme of my internet connection last month from unlimited to limited one...
( So I’m using my Net connection judiciously now )

But a much faster connection !! 2 mbps !!
With my unlimited connection it took about 18 to 19hrs to download one movie but now I can do that in just 1 hour !! Cool na ??

But the sad fact is that I can use only 1 GB per month !!
but considering my usage of internet, it is very much useful...all I need this connection is just to stay in touch with my friends..
+downloading movies

Yeah...yeah...the list goes on and on !

For all the guys and gals reading my blog... I have an Information to share !!

This is my first blog which I'm doing right now from my college.

Yeah !! Not from any cafe but from our own computer lab.

Students can use this lab for browsing on Internet !! And the connection here is of incredible speed !!

Actually we have a 2 Hr lunch break on Fridays and right now a SFI meeting is going on especially for the first years... All first years are to be compulsorily be present at drawing room ( where the meeting is going on ) so this is my reason for not attending that...coz if I sit in my class room ...I'm pretty sure that the seniors would come and scoop us from there !!

My college is FANTABULOUS in all its sense ...great freedom ( to the extend that I have not imagined ) and the fun fact is that in my class (M.A - Mechanical Automobile ) there are no gals!!
And its so cool...We guys just rock! ( considering the fact that there were more strikes than the working days this month )

Right now I have been asked by the lab attendant to stop browsing ( as seniors are coming in here for some project work ) so without re-reading anything that I have typed so far , I'm gonna click the post option...

So kindly ignore all the typing, grammatic nonsense that I have managed to do in the stipulated time of my lunch break ....




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