Saturday, July 25, 2009

In and Around Agra

After all those wanderings around Delhi , we decided to go out of Delhi...and then we set out..once again in our favorite PANICKER TRAVELS ...first we went to see for ourselves the beauty of that magnificent building the 'TAJ MAHAL '

Thus we started of around 9.00 am that beautiful morning to TAJ in a fabulous VOLVO bus,which was packed completely to its strength .The trip was very much memorable . We saw two movies in the way "DON" and "KRISH" .Children in the bus liked it very much , although the older ones dossed of :)

We reached there at around 12.00 noon. But not at 'TAJ' but at another beautiful fort....'THE AGRA FORT' it was simply majestic
This Pic was taken when we were in Agra fort

One could actually see TAJ MAHAL from the top of this Fort and believe me it is worth seeing.The sort of thing that you don't get to see here usually .

You could see the exemplary Mughal art work behind

Later we were taken to a South Indian restaurant and had a wonderful lunch.We then started of from there at about 2.00 and due to traffic in the road we could reach TAJ only by 3.00pm . There was a long queue before entering into TAJ due to security checking .

But nevertheless we managed to enter inside without much hassle. I was first greeted with an overwhelming nasty shit smell.yeah I'm not joking.When i managed go further inside ( which was really tough given the fact that the queue was miles long ) I began to like it.It really is a huge monument . Never had i thought that this was so much huge..yeah 'HUGE' Its basement itself is some ten foot tall.It had marks of degradation all around .
This Pic was taken when we were at TAJ

The artworks on the walls are just breath taking.After going inside that tremendously huge "TAJ MAHAL" we walked around it, seeing the wonderful garden attached to it.The only thing that dampened our spirits were the heat( unbearable ) . My shirt was completely soaked in sweat.

After spending about 3hrs there we packed off to Delhi. It was the most tiring day in my stay at Delhi.


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