Friday, September 25, 2009

Musings ( From the college lab ) - 01


A Blog at last...

The fact is that, I stared blogging during my vacation just for the sake of spending my free time .. and after my classes got started I couldn't keep up my blog updated...and the result is that I haven't blogged for more than a month now !!

I know .. there are no excuses for that..but what to do.. I changed the scheme of my internet connection last month from unlimited to limited one...
( So I’m using my Net connection judiciously now )

But a much faster connection !! 2 mbps !!
With my unlimited connection it took about 18 to 19hrs to download one movie but now I can do that in just 1 hour !! Cool na ??

But the sad fact is that I can use only 1 GB per month !!
but considering my usage of internet, it is very much useful...all I need this connection is just to stay in touch with my friends..
+downloading movies

Yeah...yeah...the list goes on and on !

For all the guys and gals reading my blog... I have an Information to share !!

This is my first blog which I'm doing right now from my college.

Yeah !! Not from any cafe but from our own computer lab.

Students can use this lab for browsing on Internet !! And the connection here is of incredible speed !!

Actually we have a 2 Hr lunch break on Fridays and right now a SFI meeting is going on especially for the first years... All first years are to be compulsorily be present at drawing room ( where the meeting is going on ) so this is my reason for not attending that...coz if I sit in my class room ...I'm pretty sure that the seniors would come and scoop us from there !!

My college is FANTABULOUS in all its sense ...great freedom ( to the extend that I have not imagined ) and the fun fact is that in my class (M.A - Mechanical Automobile ) there are no gals!!
And its so cool...We guys just rock! ( considering the fact that there were more strikes than the working days this month )

Right now I have been asked by the lab attendant to stop browsing ( as seniors are coming in here for some project work ) so without re-reading anything that I have typed so far , I'm gonna click the post option...

So kindly ignore all the typing, grammatic nonsense that I have managed to do in the stipulated time of my lunch break ....



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And The Life Goes On

So its been a while since I've blogged something . Its not because I was busy watching movies ( which is obviously one among the many contributing factors ) . The reason can be attributed to the fact that I was busy reading Blogs . Surprised aren't you ?? Well don't get surprised that much ...just go through my reading list and if interested read any one of them. I bet that you will also become its followers..

As far as my personal life goes...My admission procedure is more or less complete..No change from that of the first allotment , at SCT itself !! And yeah Mechanical Automobile is the branch.
I'm exited. Automobiles , especially Cars , have been my passion from childhood..I never had imagined that I would be studying that for my engineering.
The Lamborghini Reventón (Spanish pronunciation: [ɾeβenˈton]) a mid-engined sports car that debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show. ... is one of my favourite cars .

Oh...Look at its design man...Fabulus...Its actually a limited edition car        ( only 20 of them )
It costs well over $ 1 million.

Ooh sorry readers ...I just got carried away with my passion !!
Its not so much as a passion ...Fascination would be the right word. And now that I've got actually all my 'future' dealing with these Fabulous AUTOMOBILES .. I'm just damn exited .

Coming back to my personal side...this week has been not so particularly good for me..with some occasional clashes with my parents. That's a part of my life of course..

So on account of all these things Blogging became less imperative for me . After all its just a hobby isn't it ?

And you all might have noticed a change in the over all design of my Blog . Not much worth mentioning , also if you closely observe my Followers list you will see a new member there.

Any way... a " BIG " ( yeah I mean that : ) thank u to you Harini , for being my follower .
I never did really expect that someone ( other than my close friend Sooraj ) would actually be my follower . I'm really motivated by this gesture of yours .

Nothing much worth mentioning .

Self .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

--- And Yet Another One ---

So I'm having remarkable improvement indeed :)
This is the third day since I've embarked on this new adventure of blogging , the sort of responses I'm getting is really encouraging ( although I've not got any official comments on my comments section , the viewership is steadily increasing for sure ) And yeah some of my friends have given me great comments on my blog through phone ( at least :)

So that's why I've decided to blog again. ( this time for real stuff ) start off with...I've got a great news to share with all of you guys reading my blog. My much awaited college life is gonna get kick started on 17 Th of August ( according to the latest notification published in the official CAP website ) .

So the next phase in this 'story of my life' is going to be a reality . Donno what all things are awaiting for me in the future...

And one thing that I almost forgot to tell the world is this ,
I've got Admission into Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering for Mechanical ( Automobile ).
I've gone to the college only once before , it happens to be a wonderful college ( One of the best colleges in Kerala )

Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering (main block)

The syllabus and academic guidelines issued by University of Kerala are followed there. However, the college has a wide range of electives offered for its students, for example, e-commerce, Vehicle design, Aerospace Engineering, Neural Network, Mechatronics, Fuzzy Logic and Optoelectronics. The Mechanical Workshop of SCT College of Engineering is one of the best in the country. Also it is the first Engineering College in Kerala to have a well equipped Mechatronics Lab after the National Institute of Technology Calicut.

The college does not have a playground or enough recreational facilities for the students. Though aided by TEQIP students say the infrastructure of the college is below standard when compared to any engineering college in the city. There are questions raised against the functioning of Entrepreneurship Development Cell.

Hoping that everything will turn out to be good in the end :)
Will keep this updated regularly for sure!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Now That I've posted some blogs ...I am now entering into the province of 'THOUGHTS'

You might be wondering what i meant by thoughts eh?? well its simple, from now on I'm no longer gonna be dealing things in a formal way....entering seriously into deep issues within me ...

Entrance examinations have made a hell lot of change in my life...All my dreams were shattered ..i was on the verge of a mental breakdown...whatever hopes i had about my future came crashing down on me!!
I was questioning myself at the end of it all...What had gone wrong??

The thing that hurt me more is that I was really serious with my studies..but the results don't show the exact amount of hard work that I had done.

The main reason can be attributed to the change in schedule of examination due to the Elections.

But what reason can i bring forward regarding my poor show in Board examinations??? reasons...

I was totally confident about my results , about my performance in board examination...but all that was shattered once the results were out...still wondering what went wrong for my Board preparation...

Looking back now...I think I could have enjoyed my school life ( especially my last two years at school ) in a better use lamenting over it now...I think I gave a bit more importance to the ( sucking ) advices that the teachers gave us in schools , than what was needed..I wasted all my precious moments in my school life pretending to be a serious / intellectual / good boy in school...always controlling my in mind's call to enjoy life....

I ended up being a looser ....yeah that is what I've become ...

I should have listened to the advices by my friends ....should have enjoyed a bit more i guess...

All is not lost...although I had no slightest of chance of getting into a Govt: college I could manage to enter into a reasonably good college via a management seat....while meritorious students study there for mere Rs 6200/- annually ... my parents will ahve to spend a whooping 65000/- per year...
What a that there's REAL chance for the fee i.e the management fee to increase ( given the stand taken by our education minister is in that way ) its gonna be a real problem for my parents.

The thing is this..apart from the tution fee that my parents would have to pay...they will have to give me my allowances also rt!! so thats gonna cost them a hell lot!!

Just imagine a teenager entering into his college life ...unable to be true to himself!!
yeah that's the kinda situation to which I've brought myself to!!
Never had i imagined that this sort of situation would come to me!!...feeling ashamed of myself now!!

If i had worked a bit more in the last couple of months before entrance ....the things would have been entirely different!!
I could have easily asked for my needs directly to my parents then!! what a jackass I am!!
Finding oneself in such peculiar situations is not all joyous :(

I am in a really pathetic mood now...that's why I ended up writing such a blog...
But what to do.. This is my present situation now!!

In and Around Agra

After all those wanderings around Delhi , we decided to go out of Delhi...and then we set out..once again in our favorite PANICKER TRAVELS ...first we went to see for ourselves the beauty of that magnificent building the 'TAJ MAHAL '

Thus we started of around 9.00 am that beautiful morning to TAJ in a fabulous VOLVO bus,which was packed completely to its strength .The trip was very much memorable . We saw two movies in the way "DON" and "KRISH" .Children in the bus liked it very much , although the older ones dossed of :)

We reached there at around 12.00 noon. But not at 'TAJ' but at another beautiful fort....'THE AGRA FORT' it was simply majestic
This Pic was taken when we were in Agra fort

One could actually see TAJ MAHAL from the top of this Fort and believe me it is worth seeing.The sort of thing that you don't get to see here usually .

You could see the exemplary Mughal art work behind

Later we were taken to a South Indian restaurant and had a wonderful lunch.We then started of from there at about 2.00 and due to traffic in the road we could reach TAJ only by 3.00pm . There was a long queue before entering into TAJ due to security checking .

But nevertheless we managed to enter inside without much hassle. I was first greeted with an overwhelming nasty shit smell.yeah I'm not joking.When i managed go further inside ( which was really tough given the fact that the queue was miles long ) I began to like it.It really is a huge monument . Never had i thought that this was so much huge..yeah 'HUGE' Its basement itself is some ten foot tall.It had marks of degradation all around .
This Pic was taken when we were at TAJ

The artworks on the walls are just breath taking.After going inside that tremendously huge "TAJ MAHAL" we walked around it, seeing the wonderful garden attached to it.The only thing that dampened our spirits were the heat( unbearable ) . My shirt was completely soaked in sweat.

After spending about 3hrs there we packed off to Delhi. It was the most tiring day in my stay at Delhi.

Journey To An Unknown Land

And yes i am...looking at the 17 inch LCD monitor of my damn PC hoping to find something to blog on...

As you guys ( hope some one's reading this now ) know this is my second post (also my second experiment ) Yesterday I started of with one of my personal experience...I'm gonna do that again ....yeah...some of my personal stuff....( which is gonna be no longer personal )...

I think today I would give the readers of this blog some more knowledge about me...(( the so called 'AUTHOR' of this blog ))

I'm gonna go back a couple of years from now....precisely speaking....August 2007 yeah that's the time...I was in 11 Th grade then ...studies was important to me at that point of time...My Dad had been transferred to Delhi earlier that year from Thiruvananthapuram... due to political reasons best known to the members of Secretariat Govt: Of Kerala ( My Dad was a strong supporter of INC, which the ruling party members of CPM did not like.) Thus at such a crucial stage of my and my Mom had to live here alone..with my Dad some hundreds of miles from TVM ....We have no relatives here...Most of them are scattered around Cochin , Thrissur & Bangalore ...
so we were left here alone to take care of ourselves....

But somehow this bane turned out to be a boon for me...I became more responsible ( yeah i think so! : )
we usually have a 10 day holiday during Aug- Sep time due to the festival of ONAM a festival of all malayales..its a specialty of Kerala... Well I didn't celebrate it in Kerala my Dad was at Delhi then...we ( my Mom and myself ) decide to go to Delhi...that was it..the star of it all....My Dad had more surprises in store for us..he sent to us two air tickets....yes..a jackpot.....its not a usual thing for an average boy from a Indian Middle class family to get Air tickets ....added to it ...this was my first journey to a place outside Kerala with my Parents...

I was the happiest Boy in the world then...we did lots of preparations..our flight was around 12.00...i had tough time dealing with the heavy bag i was carrying with me in the air port...but any ways...I was just thrilled Coz it was my First journey through air...We had specially requested the lady at the counter to get us Window seats so that we could actually enjoy our journey...We were going by a JET LITE Flight and as requested ...we got Window seats....The views were panoramic ,,,beautiful just a perfect start to a nice and wonderful tour ....

We had a quite tasty lunch at about 1.00 served by the air hostess...( man.. she was hot!! ) ..We reached New Delhi around 3.15 pm late by about 15 mins: ( The delay was attributed to heavy Air traffic at Delhi Air Port ) Delay was not at all a problem for me...coz I Had a wonderful company of a foreigner who was also coming to Delhi for Sight seeing....

Thus we reached Delhi...Later that day we went to my Dad's office...met all his frns...including his boss ( who happened to be a kinda sardarji ) ...learned some Punjabi from the quarters watch man ( dats me...!!)
We got a Fantastic Room In Kerala House New Delhi ...with AC and a cool LCD TV ( Man... it was damn hot out there even during night!!) We had a lot of plans for the next day...

I woke up early next day..went on to switch TV on and went through all those channels that you don't get in Kerala...( At that point of time a Dhobi came and asked whether we had any clothes for washing... !! guess wat my dad was his fav customer!! )

My Dad had already booked three seats for us in PANICKER TRAVELS ..a travel agency....and we visited in and around Delhi ...that was the first time i traveled in a Grand Volvo bus..with about 4 LCD screens inside it ...wonderful Air conditioning ....the most important thing that i noticed about Delhi was that the roads were just perfectly gutter less ( at least on d roads i travelled!! )

Our first stop of the day was at Qutab Minar it was majestic a charming area...beautiful views from everywhere...and as it was early morning .. it wasn't as climate was also ideal....

( As I'm recollecting all these after two years gap, finding it hard to remember which place i went next!! )

if my memory is correct we went to a museum next...everything about Nehru family was described in there..that's the place where our Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi died....though it was silent in there
i was fascinated by its sheer grandeur and architectural magnificence..

later on we went to parliament house...( couldn't enter inside!! ) and Rashtrapathi Bhavan ....

We had a nice lunch at a Fantastic (all restaurants there are built in an Anglo-Persian style which is quite breath taking!!! u should see to believe!!) restaurant there....I did expect some Northern Dishes there...but what to only the usual southern variants :)

after all it was PANICKER TRAVELS wasn't it!! can't expect more than that...!!

Later that day we all went to the famous INDIA GATE...
huge structure...with the AMAR JYOTHI looks a perfect tribute to the martyrs...

and yea we did go to many of the samadhi places out there.... that was the only boring part of an otherwise joyous trip...

Next day we went to lotus temple...we reached there by after noon......that was the first time that i had to encounter with the heat of Delhi.....Really damn!!...i was totally blinded by the heat...mind you it was August not May -June ( The Summer season in DELHI ) once i entered into the the giant huge vast building I began to experience an overwhelming pleasant feeling...complete silence is mandatory was perfect for a meditation..( I actually tried to meditate there, but ended up with a wonderful sleep!! )

Later we visited all less known places of Delhi including many of the Mandirs..after reaching our hotel ...we usually went out to city with my Dad and his Friends....that was the first time in my life when i bought so many things that the final bill came out be some Rs:8000/- ( mind u it was one of the many that was about to come!! )

After going to all the famous places...Dad decided that we have to go out of Delhi and visit some places...
as a result we went to Agra, Hrishikesh....saw the magnificence of Ram Jhoola...and Laxman Jhoola..

All that I would deal in my later blogs....

This only the starting of a great hurricane that's about to come!!
So keep watching this space!!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Well...Well...I'm a blogger at last....
so as you all know...this is my first blog..I've never tried this kinda thing before..

I had a habit of writing diary every day in my early days at school...not because i liked that, but because of one of my English teacher, she said that it would help in improving our language...and that's how it all started.. later on became my habit...and i began to love it...

But at some point of time in my life
(I'm only 18 now) I began to write all my thoughts into it...apart from the usual day to day rituals..
virtually everything ...about my frustrations at school..about my deep personal issues
( which obviously included about my relationships...u know wat!!)

well I don't know what happened...but whatever it is..
this habit of mine later changed into a passion...i loved that...somebody or something to whom you can confide everything about your life..
I am the only son of my I've no brothers no sisters...
I take all those guys out there having a brother or sister as lucky ones..its damn boring to be lonely..., you see there are limits to which one can talk with there parents...

At a later stage of my parents became skeptical about my I never allowed anyone to touch my was "my precious" ( as in Lord Of The Rings )
I began to lock the shelf in which I kept the diary and brought the key along with me to the school each day...
but parents read all that i wrote in that...Hell broke off into my life from then on..I was totally ashamed of parents..raised questions about my of the hardest phases of my life..I had to end Diary writing then...

I was lost..

later on ....i accepted it as my parents also understood and considered it as a teenage trauma..well the diary didn't include so much of offensive language though...
I had told this story of mine to some of best pals but now as I'm entering into a brand new endeavor of blogging i think its time to make this public :)

Any how now that things have become "ONLINE" I also decide to check this out....

Even though this will not be used as my personal diary...I'll (hopefully) make best use of this new idea of BLOGGING (its new to me..:))

Will keep this updated for sure..

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